Öresund Bridge (Sweden / Denmark): How to Get There, the Best Observation Platforms and Other Travel Tips

Öresund Bridge is the longest combined road and railway bridge in Europe, connecting the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen, and the third largest Swedish city of Malmö. Built in 2000, the bridge did not only become a miracle of architecture, but also influenced the economies of two countries, as travel and exchange of goods between Sweden and Denmark became much easier than before, on a ferry. We dreamed of seeing the Öresund Bridge after watching the television series “The Bridge”, perhaps the best example of a detective noir for which all of Scandinavia is famous. This year our dream came true: not only we did we see the bridge, but also crossed it for four times! Today we will talk about how to see the Öresund Bridge on a budget, even taking into account the Danish and Swedish reputation of very expensive countries.
oresund bridge

Interesting facts about the Öresund Bridge

• If you remember, the main character of the “Bridge” movie Saga Noren drove by it, as seemed, endlessly. In fact, the length of the bridge is only 8 kilometres, so it takes only about only 10 minutes.
• Traffic between Denmark and Sweden increased by 61% in the first year after opening of the bridge.
• The ride over the bridge by your own car costs about 50 euros one way. However, there are less costly monthly tickets available.
• It is not possible to cross the bridge by bike or on foot.
• In the entire history of the bridge, there were only a few accidents. Even when a negligent driver drove almost the entire bridge against the traffic once, no one was hurt.
• Despite the fact that there is no visa regime between Denmark and Sweden, the border guards will most likely check the documents before they let you get onto the bridge.
• After some time, underwater structures of the bridge started functioning as an artificial reef: marine organisms settled down on them.
oresund bridge

Sightseeing sites

It is not so simple to observe the bridge from the Danish side: it is too far from Copenhagen. However, if you are there, and you don’t want to go to the beach from the city, you can see it from the very centre of Copenhagen. We recommend to climb the Round Tower in the old town for 5 euros only: a good overview opens from here, and not only of the bridge.

On the Malmö side, it is easier to see the bridge: the city is much smaller than Copenhagen and the city centre is closer to the bridge. We recommend to walk to Ribersborg Beach, which can be reached on foot since it is located only a few kilometres away from the city centre.
oresund bridge

Perhaps the morning view is better, because there is no haze.
oresund bridge

A lot of people gather on the beach and it is fun here. You can make dramatic photos of swimming with the bridge on the background.
oresund bridge

Finally, we assume that the bridge should be clearly visible from the Turning Torso Tower in Malmö, except that going up there costs about 25 euros.
Turning Torso Tower


To see the bridge, and Malmö with Copenhagen at the same time, we had to arrange a place to stay. After several attempts to book accommodation in Copenhagen on Airbnb (which were rejected for at least 5 times), we chose Malmö: the price is much lower, and it is better to use the difference in price to go to Copenhagen in the morning and return to Malmö in the evening, crossing the bridge.

How to cross the bridge

You can cross the bridge in three ways:
• By car is the most expensive way (remember: about 50 euros one way), you cannot stop, and the driver has no time to enjoy the beauty. Unfortunately, you cannot do it the way Saga Noren did when, at the end of the fourth season, she stopped on the bridge, got out of the car, and was thinking about her future standing on the bridge.
oresund bridge

• By train: you will not really see the bridge: the train goes through a tunnel and the track is located under the road for vehicles. However, you can try it once just for the sake of experience. The ticket is quite cheap and costs around 10 euros. In addition, it is worth buying a train ticket a couple of months in advance on www.sj.se. We bought the tickets from Stockholm to Copenhagen (about 5 hours on the train, including crossing the bridge) for July in April, for 15 euros one way. For comparison, tickets purchased at the last moment can cost 100 euros.
• By bus is perhaps the best way to observe the bridge. We used Flixbus, and the bus was 2 hours late (although in the opposite direction everything was on time). The cost of the ticket purchased in advance was only 5 euros one way. In the bus, especially if it has two decks, everyone wants to sit in the front seats, but don’t be upset if you have failed. The first time we sat at about third row and still saw the bridge.
oresund bridge

By the way, the views of the bridge fences from the second deck of the bus are very scary: the fences are very low and it seems that the bus or car can easily ram them. Don’t worry, according to our data, in the entire history of the bridge, this has never happened.
oresund bridge

On the way back we were smarter. While people were fighting for the front seats, we were sitting on the rearmost ones and enjoying the view.
oresund bridge

oresund bridge