Patarei prison

Last days of Patarei prison in Tallinn

One week ago we visited one of the landmarks of Tallinn – Patarei prison (‘battery’). October, 2 was announced as the last day of existence for this complex in its present form. For the last 15 years, it was a kind of a museum, as well as a place for filming movies or organising events. The building goes to ruins and in most places it is unsafe; investors for its restoration have not been found, so it is going to be closed. Today we pay the tribute for this place.

In fact, we did not become the last visitors. Last Sunday it was so crowded that it was impossible to take photos without people, who appeared every time and spoilt the shot. We were here for the third time, so we have plenty of photos. We even had possibilities to make staged photo with our favourite friends.
Prison guard

Patarei prison

Escape from prison

At the last photo, Victor escapes through the tunnel under the wall, if someone did not understand.
In general, the owners extended the “last days” and according to the official website, the “very last day” was on Friday, October 7th, but all the inquiries on the subject to visits and access to Patarei fortress prison you can send to administration.
Prison in Tallinn

Patarei prison

got its name from the word “battery”. It was originally a fortress, which was built by the order of Nicholas I in 1840. For several reasons, it has never been used as an artillery fortress, and became barracks soon after being built.
Batarey prison

As a prison, it served for different regimes from 1920 to 2002. Here, the Nazi killed Jews; during Soviet Union, prisoners were shot according to the verdict.
Holokost in Tallinn

Hanging room.
Hanging room

As we said, many facilities have already been closed, a lot of things are demolished and disappeared. Even comparing to the last visit, which took place two years ago, we felt the difference. However, there is always something to see here.
Prison museum

One of the courtyards.
prison courtyard

Yard for the prisoners in which they could get some sun and fresh air.
Yard for prisoners

Internal checkpoint.
Prison checkpoint

The corridors and musty chambers.

Piece of the Solzhenitsyn’s book In the First Circle.
In the First Circle

Toilet in the cell with posters of half-naked women.
prison toilet

Some chambers have windows with the sea view. It is difficult to say whether it was better for the prisoners. The freedom is too close, but no way to escape. We heard, that during the Olympic Games in 1980, when regatta was held, all the windows were boarded up, so that prisoners would not scream anything wrong to the foreign guests. It is difficult to imagine that it is possible. Anyway, many of windows remained boarded up.
chambers in prison

There are also some administrative offices of Patarei prison. Nastya as an investigator, and our friend Ira as the interrogated.
prisoner and invistigator

Dining room in the punishment cell. According to one of the former prisoners, they ate once a day only with water and bread.
punishment cell

Hospital Corps.

Operating room is very popular among tourists. Some lay down on the table and take pictures in other poses too.
Operating room

We hope that blood is not real.
Operating room in prison

In many places, you can watch amateur attempts to explain what, where and how was here.


For some reason, somebody cared too much about Obama.
Obama care

Bath once a week.
Bath in prison

On the third floor of the building, probably, cultural events took place, when the Patarei prison itself closed.


There is also a library.
Prison Library

Between the prison and the Baltic Sea, there is the so-called promenade and street food kiosk. Here you can lie back at the sun lounger and think about life, sipping a drink and looking at the ships through the barbed wire…
Prison fast food

Ships near prison

P.S. In this story some photos of our friends (Alexei and Natasha, Roman, Ira) have been used.


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