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A few weeks ago, Victor talked about his impressions from Bratislava. In his story, he tried to compare the two capitals of no longer existing country – Czechoslovakia. Today, he will focus on Prague.

I have been in the Czech capital twice. Both times, these were not tourist visits, therefore, I did not have enough time for endless attractions. Prague Airport was only a starting point for further travel through Czech Republic. By the way, the airport is located within the public transport routes. Using buses 100 and 119 in less than half of hour you can easily reach the metro station. You can find the map of public transport here. The city itself is quite large, divided into areas, consisting of the word “Prague” and a serial number. The city centre is marked as the “Prague 1”

Prague is a city with a rich history, with many attractions and very beautiful. The things I saw and learned during my transit visits are difficult to fit into one post. I think that the majority of the tourists are primarily interested in architecture, cosy streets, food, beer and nightlife. So, first of all I’ll start with the architectural part.

The city is located on the banks of the Vltava River, which allows taking boats for entertainment or using it as a basement of making pictures.

However, many spectacular angles can be found from the main land. Of course, the main dominant of such pictures is the Charles Bridge.




Charles Bridge was named after its founder Charles IV. Starting from 1683 up to nowadays the bridge is decorated with many sculptures made by famous artists of that time. Before, the main decorations were two towers erected at both ends of the construction.


At the Charles Bridge a kind of small market where you can find some souvenirs is placed.


In addition to the historical events, the bridge is surrounded with several beliefs. I must admit that they are not much different from the beliefs in any other city. For example, if you touch one of the sculptures and make a wish, it will come true. Also, a wish will come true, if people kiss each other while standing on the bridge. If you have decided to believe in omens, I advise you to walk on the bridge at night. The bridge is an excellent point to observe the lights of the city.


But do not expect the romantic atmosphere, because even at night there is still a crowd.

Another symbol of Prague is the Old Town Square. Many events took a place here: market trade, royal processions and even executions.

In addition to the architectural ensemble of different styles – Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, here you can find the famous astronomical and musical clock.

The performance starts every hour, but still there are crowds every time.

By the way, we have already mentioned that in Tbilisi the copy of Prague clock is installed. You can compare them here. It is also possible to climb the tower and to view the old town.

From here, you can also see other observation points: the 216 meters tall television tower, with the men crawling on it, and

Petrin Tower. It is a 60-meter miniature of the Eiffel Tower with 299 steps, situated on the top of Petrin hill.

From my point of view, it is better just to walk to Prague Castle. However, you have to be ready for physical exercises.


Inside the Prague Castle you will find a presidential palace,

St. Vitus Cathedral,

and a miniature street called Golden Lane. In Middle Agee craftsmen lived and worked here.

In the city centre there is another attraction – the Jewish cemetery. During working days taking pictures is prohibited. However, for those who like to do everything that is forbidden, the solution is a toilet near the entrance. From the window you can make a couple of shots too.

It should be noted, that Prague is full of different museums. Apart from art museums, there are some specific ones, like Museum of the KGB or Sex Machines Museum near the central square.

There are many family attractions as well, for example, famous Prague Zoo and scenic Troja Castle. Unfortunately, I did not have time for it. I am finishing with some pictures of the city.




Next time I will talk about places in Prague, where you can try microbrewed beer and share one wonderful non-touristic place to eat with you. I will introduce you to the contemporary Prague works of art, as well as interesting nuances and places of this wonderful city.

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