Gothenburg (Sweden)

Gothenburg is the second-largest city in Sweden and a fifth-largest city in Nordic countries. There is a lot to see on the way from Stockholm to Gothenburg, but Gothenburg itself offers more. No matter whether you come here for the stunning coast, sea food, or one of the many cultural events, there is a warm welcome catering all kinds of interests in this city.
We have picked some of the best sights you can visit within one day in Gothenburg by ferry and on foot.

Seeing Gothenburg from Älvsnabben ferry

We recommend to start your day with taking Älvsnabben harbour ferry from Lilla Bommen to Eriksberg, since many city attractions can be spotted from the ferry board. The whole round trip will take less than one hour and cost only 30 SEK since the ferry is the part of Gothenburg public transportation system.
Älvsnabben ferry

Älvsnabben ferry

The ferry trip starts at Lilla Bommen building completed in 1989. It has 22 floors and it is actually possible to take the elevator upstairs for a view. The building is popularly referred to as The Lipstick, The Water Erection, or The Lego House.
Lilla Bommen

J19 ship is a Swedish destroyer; there are only two of these Halland class ships built. J19 is now the largest vessel on display of Gothenburg Maritime Museum.
J19 ship

You will encounter the port cranes of all kinds on your way.
port cranes

Chalmers University of Technology campus with the newest eco-friendly Kuggen building (constructed in 2011):
Chalmers Kuggen building

The replica of the Swedish ship Götheborg I launched in 1738; the original sank returning from its third trip to China in 1795.
ship Götheborg I

The ship-building area Eriksberg went bankrupt in 1970s during the ship industry crisis. If you have time, you should step down here and explore the neighborhood in detail.

German Church:
German Church

And the elite neighborhoods of Gothenburg:
elite neighborhoods of Gothenburg

Älvsborg Bridge, almost one kilometer long!
Älvsborg Bridge

The City Walk around Gothenburg

We recommend complementing your ferry trip with a two/three-hour city walk. Almost everything interesting in Gothenburg is within walking distance of the city center. The walking map (click to zoom):

We wonder if King Gustav Adolf could imagine the atmosphere around his statue and main square centuries after his death:
King Gustav Adolf

King Gustav Adolf

Gothenburg Cathedral Square has something beyond the Cathedral to offer.
Gothenburg Cathedral

The Oraklet (Oracle) sculpture by artist Tilda Lovell is often called “creepy,” but is believed to give emotional and healing powers to people going through hard times. The artist thinks they should sit on a stone in front of the sculpture and meditate looking into the Oracle’s eyes.
The Oraklet (Oracle

Victoriapassagen pedestrian and driving streets with lots of shops:

The Fish Market is said to be the must see and a place for “affordable lunch.” However, far not everyone can afford snacks for 15 euros or main dishes for 25 euros and more.
Fish Market

Fish Market

Instead, we had excellent Thai and Vietnamese food in Saigon Food restaurant in the Nordstan shopping center. They have seafood dishes too.
Cross the bridge to Landsvägsgatan to see the vibrant street full of second-hand and hipster shops.

At the time of our visit in late April, Järntorget Square had cherry trees in full bloom.
Järntorget Square
cherry trees bloom

Järntorget is the beginning of cosy Haga Nygata 18th century neighborhood offering nice places for a cup of coffee, a glass of wine, or Gothenburg’s biggest cinnamon bun.
Haga Nygata

Skansen Kronan fortress can be seen from many parts of the city. The fortress was brought into service in 1698 and equipped with 23 cannons, but was never used in a single battle. Today the hill is a popular lookout point offering inviting views over the rooftops.
Skansen Kronan fortress

If you continue along Vasagatan, you will see more Gothenburg busy streets and churches too.

Vasagatan peaks into another square, with Art Museum.
Art Museum

Got some extra time? Continue to see Scandinavium Arena, Botanical Garden and Liseberg Amusement Park.
Scandinavium Arena

Liseberg Amusement Park

The tram ride

If you are tired of walking, take a tram number 3 or 11 from Järntorget to Mariaplan. Enjoy the laid-back charm of the neighborhood with its small shops, cafes, and restaurants.
The tram ride

And much more to see…

Something that we mostly missed in Gothenburg due to the lack of time is multiple Gothenburg museums: Universeum Museum of science, Maritime Museum, Aeroseum, Museum of World Culture, etc. You can find these and more the official visitor guide of Gothenburg here. However, we visited Volvo Museum, and already shared its story in a separate post. If Volvo truly interests you, we recommend to take Volvo Experience Tour too. This should be booked well in advance: when we tried to book it in April they did not have any spare time up until autumn. Perhaps, winter time is less busy, but still you have to take care of it well in advance.


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