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Israel: 10 Major Impressions

Русская версия After spending two weeks on Israel we are willing to share major impressions from the country with you!

Granada, the home of the most visited sight in Spain

Русская версия Last week Nastya succeeded in making her way from the eternal Estonian cold to summer – the city of Granada in the south of Spain. As it turned out, Granada is not only good for the sun baths, but also for sightseeing; it is actually the home to the most visited sight of Spain – the Alhambra Palace.

TENERIFE. Teide Volcano. Farewell. Day 9-10.

Русская версия We already wrote several stories about the failing attempts to visit one of the main attractions of Tenerife island – Teide volcano. On the last day of our staying there, we had the last chance to visit it. This is the final part of our story about Tenerife Island.

Tenerife. Teide, Stone Flower, La Otarva. Day 8.

Русская версия We decided to spend the next day after the wonderful rest in Siam Park for more serious matters – visiting the Teide volcano. The day before we got a new permission to climb to the crater.

Tenerife. Siam Park. Day 7.

Русская версия  The seventh day of our stay in Tenerife promised to be sunny, so we went to Siam Park (official web-page) to relax. This is the new complex built in 2008. Its owners visited many auqa-parks around the world before they started to design this place.

We have already mentioned that you have an opportunity to buy a double ticket to Loro Park and Seam Park with discount.
Single ticket costs 34 euros for adult and 23 for child (3-11 years). If you buy a twin ticket, you can visit both places for 58 and 39.5 euros respectively.
Near the entrance we were warned that the picnics were prohibited here, keep that in mind too 🙂 (another funny sign in our collection).

Tenerife. Loro Parque zoo. Day 5-6

Русская версия  Day 5 in Tenerife was just a nightmare in terms of weather. We decided to drive to the capital of the island hoping that the weather there would be different. But we encountered only the crazy downpour and two serious accidents on the highway. As a result, we went to Auchan mall located near TF-2. There we shopped waiting for the weather to calm down a bit, but since it did not, we went home.

Nastya bought a lot of seafood and explored new recipes …