Siam park

Tenerife. Siam Park. Day 7.

The seventh day of our stay in Tenerife promised to be sunny, so we went to Siam Park (official web-page) to relax. This is the new complex built in 2008. Its owners visited many auqa-parks around the world before they started to design this place.

We have already mentioned that you have an opportunity to buy a double ticket to Loro Park and Seam Park with discount. Single ticket costs 34 euros for adult and 23 for child (3-11 years). If you buy a twin ticket, you can visit both places for 58 and 39.5 euros respectively.
Near the entrance we were warned that the picnics were prohibited here, keep that in mind too 🙂 (another funny sign in our collection).
Since we arrived in the morning, and sun was not hot yet, we walked around and made several pictures. When the air became warmer we went to the beach to have a sunbath and splash in artificial waves.

Yes! This is artificial pool with white sand and clear water. Within an hour the “wave mode” varies thrice: no waves, little waves, and strong waves. You can even surf there! The depth varies too: there is a place for kids and for adults.
And then we started … We tried all of attractions except for those for children: we were banned from them 🙂 . There was only one left- Tower of Power, 28 meters high with a very abrupt slope. At the end of the slope there is a tube which goes through the pool with a shark. WHAT FOR?

Victor was the first. Actually, being on the slope you do not have time to figure out what is going on. You just want to scream and you find yourself downstairs in less than 10 seconds 🙂

Nastya also did it! Frankly, we were more impressed with the great view at the top of attraction and scared while climbing so hing, than with 10 seconds of sliding. With every step up you feel fear and want to turn back! Then you see a long-long slope and a small black point in the end. We didn’t take the camera because we were making video from below. In principle, this view does not differ from picture in any brochure of the Siam Park.
Taken from

Also it was a bit scary to watch the video warning you do not raise your head entering the tunnel and keep your arms in a correct way. If not, than… 🙁
After the Tower of Power everything was easy. Most of all we liked “The Dragon”. It is more fun when four people ride the donut, not two. Weight and inertia are higher than, and the amplitude increases.

We spent all of the day so, with great impressions, but imperceptibly burned. We went to Mercadona for buying yogurt for our burnt shoulders (it’s old traditional method) and some food for some midnight wine and beer at our balcony.

It was a wonderful and outstanding day. Finally we had the sun, the warmth, and believed that good weather existed. This was particularly important because the next day we had the almost last opportunity to climb to the snowy volcano Teide.

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