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Tenerife. El Medano beach. Candelaria. La Laguna. Anaga mountains. Day 4

Русская версия   On this day we were finally lucky with the weather after visit of Masca village, that is why we went to the beach El Medano, choosing it because it was not far from out hotel, and we had our faithful car with us. After the beach we went to the small but cute towns of Candelaria, La Laguna and to the mountains Anaga.
To be honest, the water in the ocean (especially in the morning) was quite chilly, and it took some time to get used to its temperature.

Barcelona. Camp Nou stadium

Русская версия   FC Barcelona is one of the greatest clubs in world football. It doesn’t matter whether are you are a supporter of Barcelona or not. But iIf you like football it is always interesting to visit a home of big club – the stadium.
We were in Barcelona In 2012, and I did not miss the opportunity to visit the legendary “Camp Nou”.
2013_Winter_ 066

Tenerife. Masca village, Montaña La Sahorra, Garachico, Icod de los Vinos. Day 3

Русская версия   All these sights maybe easily visited within one day, and we did it the next day after the rainy Paisaje Lunar. This day we decided to keep close to the car for the case of the bad weather.

On our way to Masca village the weather cheered us with the sun:

Tenerife. Monkey Park and Paisaje Lunar. Day 1-2

Русская версия   On the arrival in Tenerife (how we got there), we were shocked by its weather. Tenerife is considered to be an island of eternal spring, probably, Estonian in our case:

Tenerife. Getting there and renting a car

Русская версия
We undertook this great trip in 2011, when we did not even think of starting blog: